The following is an original piece I wrote. It’s about me falling victim to anxiety and depression. I was always the person who was super positive, optimistic and lived as though life was an adventure unraveling before my eyes. It was a painful experience and literally sucked the life out of me. As I’m writing this, I still suffer from some of it’s lasting impressions, however I see the light. I know the dark tunnel I’m currently in is only the voyage to the summit. So remain steadfast on your dreams and know that the gold is within. You are the ultimate prize.

Dreaming the impossible

Forgoing the rationale of the plausible

Eyes set on the pot of gold

My ship was geared and ready to go

No overcast in sight

The world so vivid in the dimmest of light

The smell of the ocean permeating the air

Exploring the world’s grandeur without worry or care

Frequent checks to ensure the crew was healthy

No gold in sight, but my soul was wealthy

Staying on course, I saw an image in the distance

Without hesitation, I redirected my course in an instance

Meager and frail, I extended my hand for help

Upon my ship he graciously bowed and knelt

I offered my finest robes and generous rations

Ignoring my crew’s worries for my spontaneous actions

As the journey prolonged our new friend grew robust

Lacking discernment for those aboard, he infiltrated mistrust

Soon members began shouting and fighting

To my despair it induced chaos and rioting

Ricocheting bottles off the heads of one another

What a fool to think that they called themselves brothers

I nervously rushed to the deck to command peace

But only to find our new member hastily preparing a speech

As I looked on in horror

I could feel my blood boil

Misguided by my humility

My new friend, was now my worst enemy

Feeling a sense of helplessness, I surrendered my ship and crew

My mind was void of power and I could fathom nothing else to do

The beauty of the world swiftly began to decay

Marred by guilt, I seen only grey

No longer the fearless captain of my ship

The suffering I endured worsened with every whip

My vessel was off course and I was to blame

For my fire of focus, rendered not a single flame

The sea became angry and deathly malicious

Waves thrusting the ship, ever so vicious

Sailors became frantic while crying out in despair

Waves swallowing some, others thrown in the air

I searched for the new captain as we were surely doomed

Pleading to God, “What are we to do?!”

Lifting my eyes I saw a wave protruding to the heavens

With the might a thousand Gods it disseminated my ship and brethren

No choice left, but to sink or swim

I looked out in the distance and all I saw was him

Swimming with so much fluidity and grace

The most seasoned of all swimmers could not keep pace

As he got closer I latched to him in fear

For life too far and death too near

Together we fought the tumultuous waves

The water a deeper blue, the sky less grey

I heard the melody of seagulls singing

My fear and despair desperately clinging

My spirit unearthing like a rose following the winter

I began to feel lighter and saw I’m the only swimmer

Steering my destiny like never before

My fire burned brighter as I made it to shore

Not forgetting my plan, or desired destiny

I had nothing but my hands, not a single tool next to me

I began digging till my arms throbbed and my muscles grew tired

I dug until my heart ached and my mind was rewired

Jagged stones unforgivingly piercing through my skin

But no amount of pain compared to the agony within

With each breath my lungs seemed to inhale then collapse

Life hurriedly escaping as each moment elapsed

With an ounce of strength rendered in my body

My mind fatigued and my soul melancholy

I struck the ground as hard as I can

Then came a bright light, illuminating my skin

My strength, my wisdom, my soul intact

For all the while I was the gold in fact


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