Castle in the Sky


Imagination is an intimate relationship that we constantly romanticize. Often dealt with in a fashion, as we do with many other connections in life. Beginning with an immediate rush of exuberance, followed by the slight tinge of addiction, before coming to a state of manageable control. Alas, before you careen yourself into an ocean’s depth of emotion, you move towards that inevitable point where you feel as though you should distance yourself entirely or remain steadfast, but in a more meaningful way, so that it brings about progression and constant satisfaction to your life. As we all know, anything that is worth loving is worth any risk set before it. So therefore, if you love whatever spectrum your imagination takes you, while excluding the fear of it not being reasonable, then you should continue to capture it in it’s entirety. Imagination was introduced to us during our childhood, when the world was constantly full of splendor and whimsical happenings frolicking about. The freedom of thought is a gift that is truly invaluable. We all have that dream or Castle in the Sky in which we so long to visit. Yours awaits. 



It’s so important to keep that castle glimmering in your eye and have it’s yearning pump life into your very being. Every single detail. So vivid that you often slip away and wander to it amid all the chaos that surrounds you. Then when you return from that journey, you’re renewed to a higher state of confidence, reassurance and connectivity with your soul’s desires. Within it’s uniqueness is the great gift we’ve all been blessed with, so never diminish your thoughts based on the dogma that surrounds you. A state of thought that seems suffocating and often orchestrates your mind, with the fluid grace of the most seasoned violinist. Keep your head high and to the sky. Your castle awaits.

Castle In the Sky




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